The first voice

I’ve been part of something exciting that the BBC is trying out for the first time - a bespoke news service for smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Homepod.

I even ended up being the first person to speak on the first bulletin to go out - which was in no way planned.

our first bespoke bulletin for smart speakers

It’s still going to be put together in the same rigorous way that a news bulletin would be for one of the BBC’s domestic radio stations and we’re even based in the same radio newsroom in London.

It will sound a little different.

Hopefully it will be more conversational and less journalist-y - though there’ll always be a balance to reach.

To listen:

  • Alexa 💬 get BBC News
  • Google Assistant 💬 play BBC News
  • Siri 💬 listen to BBC News
  • BBC Sounds search for BBC News

We’re still working on it and there’s an email address for feedback: good, bad or indifferent.