Demo: April 2017

Here’s the latest demo I’ve put together of my work as a radio reporter and newsreader during the past two years.

  1. Bulletin wrap that I wrote and voiced a year on from Storm Desmond (condensed).
  2. Creative use of bulletin audio with SFX for BBC Radio Cumbria’s bulletins.
  3. Creative audio in live reporting during report on fell maintenance for BBC Radio Cumbria’s breakfast programme.
  4. Bulletin reading with personality for BBC Minute.
  5. Creative audio in package production for BBC Radio Cumbria from an orchestra performance in a cave.
  6. Bulletin reading for BBC Radio Cumbria and Mike Zeller at Breakfast.
  7. Reporting via two way for BBC Radio Wales.
  8. Montage set to music to highlight ‘flood heroes’ for BBC Radio Cumbria.
  9. Live rant for BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House on the weekend of Storm Desmond.

Image: Egor Khomiakov.